eBeans expire; long live eBeans!

**BEEP**  **BEEP**  **BEEP**

This is a test of the emergency eBeans system. I repeat, this is only a test. If this had been a true eBeans emergency, the attention signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news, or instruction…

**BEEP**  **BEEP**  **BEEP**

If you hadn’t noticed, eBeans do expire; it even says so here toward the bottom. I didn't realize this until recently, however, when the 1-year anniversary of my serious contribution to site-related “Buzz” arrived and eBeans started to slowly disappear. See, I’ve always kept a little buffer just in case, but once my stash began to dwindle I zeroed them out right quick.

There was no gear I truly needed, so I splurged on coffee instead despite the fact that I’m swimming in real beans already. You only live once! Here’s what I sprang for:

Brown Coffee’s Finca Vista Hermosa, Edlina micro-lot (Guatemala) – “…balanced with a pleasant acidity and a classic "minerality" for which coffees from Finca Vista Hermosa are renowned. As it cools it exhibits tones of salted caramel and molasses.” Yes, a repeat order!

PT’s Finca El Socorro, Bourbon micro-lot (Guatemala) – “…creamy body with notes of honey, vanilla, and bakers chocolate. A citrus sweetness comes out as the cup cools, hinting at notes of apricot.”

Brown Coffee’s Madan Estate (Papua New Guinea) – “…beautifully full-bodied with low acidity. Complex, sweet, and beguiling. In the cup, rich tones of sweet, dried tobacco leaf interplay with a hint of spicy cloves.”

After last week’s blend-off, the results of which I’ll post soon, I sense a single-origin-off might be in the works. It would be fun to compare the two Guatemalans above, for example, and I could also pit Brown’s PNG against the fantastic Velton’s Java Kopi Sunda I’m working through. To be continued...

Anyway, getting back on message, consider this a friendly heads up concerning the dangers of hoarding eBeans. Put them to good use! I did and am now starting fresh with the clock reset. Cheers.

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