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With Mother's Day coming up I am looking for something nice to get my Grandmother. She likes coffee but tends to go to instant. Her instant of choice is Taster's Choice. She does not like the Starbucks. Part of why she does instant is that it is "quick and easy". Now to me that is an excuse. I do not see how it could be that difficult to brew a pot of coffee (she has a baby drip). I was thinking of getting her something like this


with a milder coffee (she does not like coffee "too strong or too bitter"). She says she cannot "taste the difference" and was surprised when I told her I (just like any coffee lover) could very easily tell the difference between instant and coffee brewed from beans.

Now I have never used one of these before. How difficult is it to use and would any of you think it would make a good gift? She will not use it if it is "complicated". 


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