Easter: Renewal, Hospitality and Coffee

April 13, 2011

Easter: Renewal, Hospitality and Coffee

Easter is coming this Sunday, so hopefully you have your coffees ready for the special meals, especially breakfast and brunch. This special day calls for special coffee, so here are some tips to inspire you:

1.    If you’re having a large crowd with more than a few coffee drinkers, the French press comes in handy. Because it brews so quickly, you can have several types of coffee available and make a press with each one. Or pour out the first batch and transfer it to a carafe with warmer or a thermos pot; prepare a second coffee variety.

2.    Try to offer at least one flavored coffee for extra festiveness. Add one-half teaspoon of cinnamon to the grounds for every four cups of water, or place a vanilla bean in your bean storage canister for a few days so that the coffee beans absorb vanilla flavor.

3.    Try a special “mixed” drink such as a Macchiato -http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/CoffeeRecipes/Ginger-Snap-Macchiato or Mexican coffee: http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/CoffeeRecipes/Mexican-Coffee

Besides eating special foods, renewal is an important theme of the season. The spring brings renewal daily and we’re constantly reminded of it. In this vein, here are two renewal projects to enjoy:

/files/5604319469_c6cf8ec821.jpg" title="Making Easter Eggs. Attribution: audreyjm529's photostream" />Renew a recipe- make chocolate crème eggs from the recipe posted here: http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/CoffeeRecipes/Valentine-Heart-Chocolate...

Just follow the directions for the valentine candy but shape the crème into eggs instead of hearts before dipping in the melted chocolate.

For a renewal project (aka recycling), make Easter basketsin which to put your chocolate crème eggs, using a coffee cup sleeve. (maybe you’ve saved some?)

/files/IMG_1227.JPG" title="Coffee Cup Sleeve Easter Basket" />Coffee Cup Sleeve Easter Basket

•    Take one sleeve and use it as a pattern either for a covering or to make new sleeves out of card stock.

•    Trace around the sleeve on the covering material, cut out and decorate.

•    Alternatively, use acrylic water-based paint to paint directly on the sleeve. Make it more festive with glitter glue.

•    Glue the decorated piece to a sleeve or form your cardstock into a sleeve and fasten ends together.

•    Add lace and other decorations. Get creative. Example shown used plastic self-sticking figures from a craft store.

•    Put a yogurt carton, cupcake cup, 12 oz. paper cup with top trimmed, small plant pot, or whatever you have that will fit inside the sleeve inside it, to form a base.

•    Make a handle for the basket. An easy one can be made out of wired ribbon or cardstock.

•    Fill with Easter grass or raffia, candies and other decorations.

•    Use as party favors, decorations, place “cards” or candy dishes.

Happy Easter!

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