Eager anticipation

Eager anticipation

I am eagerly awaiting my new Elektra T1 from Roaste.com. It is due tomorrow some time.  This is a big machine.  In fact my biggest concern about it is that it may in fact be too big for a house (and more specifically for my wife’s taste).  When I look at the measurements it does not seem so much bigger than many of the machines out there (the E-61 HX and double boilers) – it is always bigger in one direction or two by an inch or two and smaller in another, but then there is the following thing that shows it must be a beast.

Unlike most machines, vendors will not ship it via ups, usps, or fedex!  It must be sent by a special carrier on a palate.  This is done to make sure it does not get damaged, which is a great idea because there are occasional accounts of the standard carriers causing damage to machines because they get banged against something else and the buyer eagerly anticipating a new machine gets the machine only to have to wait even longer.

Even though the shipping should be carefully done, I will also have to wait longer when mine gets here because it needs 20 amps and it is plumbed in so I have to solve that question of if I will plumb it in or use an external bottle and a flojet.  I think I will try to plumb it in, but the plumber has told me he may not make it here for another week or so, so I may just have a very pretty piece of art work through the holidays – alas!


None the less I am extremely excited to get it.  I’ve also blogged about the cart I am building for it.  Time has been tight lately so the cart is not built yet either.  I’ve cut some of the wood to size, but there is a long way from some pieces cut to size to a finished piece of furniture.  


I appreciate the suggestions everyone made for the cart.  

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