Don's100% Kona Gold - Worth Recommending!

I ordered this coffee (using e-beans so thanks ROASTe) as a present for my brother. I posted about this coffee in another earlier blog back on December 15th and finally ordered it on December 25th.  The beans arrived on the 29th so I expect they roasted and shipped on the 26th of December.  

This is as fast as one would expect an this did give the beans a couple days to rest.  I waited till after Christmas to order because I feared these pricey beans would sit aging past their prime next to Aunt Edna's fruit cake is some USPS sorting bin.

The beans were well received too. I am not an expert on Kona coffee. I have tried all of two 100% Kona coffees in my experience with the brown bean. Did I like the taste? Do ticks like a hound dog? Sure - the taste is great to me - both cups were clean, a little nutty and sweet with very balanced acidity and creamy mouth feel. In short, what is there not to like outside of the price?

My brother has a bit more experience with Kona coffee and Hawaiian coffee in general. He lived there for several years and ends up there often enough now. Though he likes a wide variety of coffee, 100% Kona is his go to coffee - their house hold favorite which is always on hand.  My point in mentioning all this is to emphasize that the bar is set a bit higher with him than it is with me when it comes to determining good and very good Kona coffee.

In not much more than a week the bag of beans is gone, finished, all brewed and enjoyed.  This is fast considering the normal rate his house hold consumes coffee. I take this and his praise for the taste to mean this one is well worth recommending! 

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