Does the Baratza Vario grinds course enough?

I have been experimenting with the syphon coffee maker in the past two week ( ) or so and I think I might have reached a little road block or so. In the first few tries or so, I made relatively mediocere coffee, no where near the quality I would expect from such a hyped brew method. I made several modifications to my method for instance  I grind courser and I minimize any kind of ground agitation. I only use the plastic spoon that is included with the siphon brewer to gently fold the grind in so that it is saturated with water; the rest, I let the bubbling of the water do the job. 

This morning, I made another pot of Yama siphon coffee from my very freshly roasted (2 day after roast!) Tarzanian Peaberry and I was expecting a phenomenal cup because these beans are very good. However, I was a little sad that the coffee did not turn out as good. The cup has good aroma but the taste was a little bitter so I'm thinking that the coffee was over extracted a little bit. I did leave the Yama to brew the coffee for 75 seconds so perhaps I should decrease this time amount to 60 second next time.

The thing that is bothering me is the Baratza Vario which I'm using to grind the coffee is at it coursest setting right now. However, the coffee does not look anywhere near as course as I want. The thing about the Baratza Vario is that you can calibrate it pretty easily so that it can grind courser however, that would mean that you won't be able to grind fine for espresso. For a grinder that is advertise to be versatile as to be able to switch between different brewing method, this is rather unacceptable. I will probably need to contact Baratza to see if they have any solution for this. What I'm thinking is if I was to be able to grind a little courser, I would still be able to use a longer time for the siphon brewer and still do not get over-extraction. In the meanwhile, I might have to break out he Capresso Infinity to do the grinding for siphon.   

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