Does knowledge make up for experience?

I have been job hunting for quite some time now. I have applied for positions at chain coffee stores but while I have the customer service experience I have not been successful yet. I began to wonder if maybe pure coffee and tea knowledge may help me get the interviewers to say yes instead of no. I have been reading various books (and blogs) on how to make the perfect cup of coffee and techniques that are used. I also studied the companies in question so I would know about them as well (such as when founded, how long in the area, how involved in the community - that type of thing.) While that helped in the interviews I have still not gotten hired. I have a couple of friends who work for a chain. They told me that while I was doing everything right in the interviews (from my clothes to what I told the people interviewing me) that they think it comes down to that I am not a college student or of the age that people generally are in college. That coffee stores want the young and hip with less knowledge (less to "untrain" and more to just listen to Corporate). Disposable employees. Easily hired and easy to get rid of. 

So do I continue to find the best books and articles (suggestions welcome!) on coffees and teas? Or are my friends right in that coffee stores only want disposable college age employees? That once out of that "golden age" I should just forget it?" height="480" width="320" />

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