Do you want a sucker with that seasonal blend?

I have a rather shameful weakness, the seasonal coffee blend. This morning in the "New Arrivals" section of ROASTe there is a little place for Klatch's Poizon Blend and I was pretty excited as I really like seasonal blends for whatever reason. Actually, my last order was going to be the Poizon Blend, but I could not seem to locate it at the time of my order and instead opted for something different.

I am really interested in trying this Poizon Blend, as it is described as being processed through chemical means and grown at a rather ubsurb elevation beneath the Earth. Needless to say it  dark roasted like those poor tormented souls that must of picked these beans. It's this sort of fun with the processing notes on the bag that really allow this to be a impulse buy for me and probably other out there.

However, this Halloween blend is just the tip of the iceberg as Christmas is just up the bend and I imagine we will see many more seasonal blends to come.

Speaking of seasonal blends, I always end up with at least a pound of the Starbucks Christmas Blend as people know I like coffee. The sad part, depending on how you look at it, is that I kind of actually enjoy the overly roasted beans in the blend at least enough to sludge through a good portion of the bag before it gets tossed. At the very least I have to give credit for Starbucks for not using some weird oil to make the blend taste like peppermint and I don't mind the ashy taste really..

Obviously, these blends whether from Klatch or Starbucks really play on our emotions to buy the blend. Based on the fact that it does play on emtion I cannot really tell you if these blends taste all that good because my taste becomes clouded by good feelings that are brought on by holidays. Perhaps a blind taste test is in order, until then do you succumb to holiday blends or are you above it all?

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