Do you use a coffee app?

I’ve noticed a few people discussing coffee apps here and other places online, and I was wondering who used them.


I’m also pretty big into tea, and for tea I think apps can be very helpful indeed. I have a couple of applications on my iPhone to deal with the brewing steps and timers between black, green, white, oolong, etc. 


With coffee however, there is an initial period where you have to figure out what parameters it works well at. Such things as what temperature it’s best at, what the steep time should be, does it work well as drip or espresso, does it play well with milk, etc. but these aren’t hard and fast “rules” like tea has, so I while think the appeal of an application to track that stuff might be kinda neat for some people, probably the same types that like to keep a taste journal of their coffees, I don’t think it would have mass appeal.


The other applications I have seen are coffee recipe apps (maybe as part of a cookbook) or coffee recommendation apps. There was even an app for the iPad that just displayed pictures of coffee. The coffee recipe apps I can get I suppose, we’ve had our share of posts on Roaste about how good coffee can be in food and there are some really slick apps for cooking out there. 


The coffee recommendation apps I don’t entirely get, but that’s probably because I’m too close to the subject. If I didn’t already know what I wanted when I walked in, perhaps a little digital assistance would be welcome.


That brings me to the main question of this post, do you use any coffee apps now? Is there anything that you would like to use that you haven’t found? 

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