Do You Blend?

I love tasting single origin coffee beans – the unique qualities inherent in the bean lovingly revealed through the skillful craftsmanship of the dedicated professional roaster brings so much enjoyment to my coffee consuming experience. How could I ask for more?


Here’s how… I want more. There, I feel better already. By wanting more I mean I would like more of this great taste blended with another great taste. I love a recently acquired bag Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, a variety famous for the floral citrus and berry the beans give up in the aroma and the cup. I also love the sweet caramel and dark chocolate notes I find in the finish when brewing some nice Bolivian beans. Why can’t I have it all?


Hey, I got berry Yirg’ in my Bolivian, or do I have caramel Bolivian in my Yirg’? It does not matter which one gets top billing as long as it tastes great. The freedom to mix and match offerings from different roasters opens up a world of possibilities for coffee lovers who like to experiment. Who knows – your creation might open up nuances of flavor neither bean alone could bring to the cup.


Blending works to bring out positive enhancements where often the sum is greater than the parts, but it has another benefit as well. Sometimes a bean has a wonderful taste at first but turns a little bitter when it cools. Other beans might seem a little flat at first but develop a rich bittersweet aftertaste when given a little time to cool down. By blending these types together individual undesirable aspects are masked or eliminated from the flavor profile.


You can do this whether your preference leans toward espresso, press, drip (or all three) or any other preparation method. Remember, you do not need to be a professional roaster before you can know what beans will work well together. Just trust your taste – it already lead you away from ordinary coffee and on to something far better or you would not even be reading this blog. 


All you need is a great source of fresh beans from great roasters like the ones featured here on ROASTe, some time to experiment with different ratios of single origin beans, and the desire to get what you like from your customized personal coffee blend into your cup. I love a happy blending!

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