Do-It-Yourself Coffee Like a Pro

One of the top ten beverage trends of the year is “do-it-yourself flavor”. An Iowa news service, citing the Food Channel as its source, goes on to state that consumers are making personalized specialty drinks as good as any from a coffee shop or cafe. The writers attribute this trend to the economy, as 79 percent of shoppers cite price as a critical determinant in the purchase of drink items from stores. With so many types of brewing equipment available, consumers see the DIY trend as a great way to save money. As gourmet coffee has come to represent more than a third of the coffee consumed, DIY allows coffee lovers to brew any coffee they want in their preferred way. In looking for a coffee maker, the article recommends those that allow for custom brew settings, flexibility in brewing small to large batches, and speed in brewing. The article then goes on to recommend flavored coffee creamers, and suggests offering several varieties when serving guests. Though the article doesn’t mention it, there are also coffee flavorings in great varieties which allow you to add a squirt to any coffee, with or without the cream. These are pretty tame suggestions, but the most adventurous recommendation is to “turn yourself loose in your kitchen” and create your own blends. Mix different flavors of flavored coffees to create your signature blend, or play with different origins to find a taste that’s available nowhere else. Here’s an idea: One way to experiment would be to follow the directions for coffee cupping, making different blends right in the cups.That way you won’t risk whole pots of coffee going to waste if your signature brew tastes a little funky. CoffeeKind has all the materials you need to get started on your signature brew. Have fun, and brew on, originally!

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