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True confession time -- despite living in a modern world and making my living using a computer, I am a low-tech kind of person. I like roasting my coffee the way my grandmother did, in an open  frying pan on top of the stove. I also have a lot of fun roasting with my air popcorn popper. When it comes to fabricating things, though, I'm all thumbs. I can electrocute myself with a potato battery. For that reason, I will repurpose just about anything as long as I don't have to modify it. So I'm awed, charmed and delighted by people who think nothing of pulling out the solder gun and clippers, cutting holes in metal casings, running wires here, there and everywhere and generally having fun with devising unusual ways to roast coffee with things that were never meant for that purpose. Thus, I was totally tickled with this disclaimer on a coffee roasting video I found this morning:

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That said, the video was interesting to watch -- though not terribly informative.

This guy, on the other hand, kinda impresses me with his tinkering:

I love it when he throws in little asides like he does at just under a minute when he says, "Sometimes the thermocouple falls off before we even get started. We're gonna try to not have that happen this time."

Something in the winter brings out the DIY experimenter in me, though. Right now, I have coffee yogurt chilling in the refrigerator -- if it turns out decently, I'll post the recipe later -- and I'm hankering to pull out the popcorn popper and do some roasting. I think it's time to order some green and start playing again. When I do, I promise I'll share pictures.

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