Ditch the Paper Filter, Not the Coffee

Maybe you’ve read about the new threat to your health related to drinking brewed beverages. Readers of an Oklahoma online news source were informed this week that the tea bags and coffee filters they use to brew their favorite hot beverages might contain a toxic and possibly carcinogenic chemical called epichlorohydrin. This unpronounceable chemical, in contact with water, forms a known cancer-causing agent. Dr. Kristie Leong recommends people give up caffeinated beverages to avoid being harmed by these unpronounceable and toxic substances found in innocent-looking tea bags and coffee filters. Give up on coffee?

Those of you who have read Coffee Kind’s news articles know that we wouldn’t issue such drastic advice as telling everyone to give up coffee and tea. To us that would be an over-cautious and unnecessary response. As long as alternatives exist, there is absolutely no reason to give up your favorite drinks to avoid the tea bag and the coffee filter. These days there are so many lovely and terrific tea pots or tea brewers. Manufacturers have gone way beyond the reusable metal tea bag in which you can put any tea leaves, and then hang it in your cup just like a commercial tea bag. But they also have pots with built-in tea compartments, sort of like a French press idea for tea. In fact, you could even use a French press for tea. Likewise we have many alternatives to the paper coffee filter. There are re-usable ones of metal.

The French Press has its own filter built-in. Yama siphon pots can use cotton filters. Regardless, there are many ways to brew coffee that don’t require filters. Espresso, for one, doesn’t require filters. How do we love coffee without filters? Let me count the ways…. Yes Elizabeth, there are myriads of ways to continue to enjoy the many positive health effects of coffee without paper filters. Brew on - paperless.

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