Desserts and Coffee

I receive a variety of magazines in the mail and have lately been quite amazed with the amount of coffee in them. Whether it's a little article in Sunset about a coffee shop to go to while out or in the most recent Bon Appetit that I received, which features a whole spread on the deserts that are served in coffee shops, it was with this issue that I found myself with this evening.

Coffee is a great drink, but it's also drink that while great alone can be just as exceptional paired with a nice savory meal or with a good desert. So it was interesting to see what deserts that writers at Bon Appetit thought were the most note worthy to include in their article. In that article I was very pleased to see that they really did choose deserts from very good coffee shops.

Actually I was very intrigued by the recipe that I saw from what they called chocolate-peanut butter fun cake it is made for Metropolis Coffee from Chicago. As the name of the title implies it appears to be chocolate cake with a peanut butter frosting. The recipe can be found here.

Unforunately, I was short on the indgredients for the cake so I settle for something far more easier to make some box brownies. They were a premium box blend so they were pretty good, and must say they did quite satisfy the sweet tooth.

I just got this Gizmo Blend from PT's and it pair well with the brownies. It's their dark roast, and it's a very complmentary to the sweets. This coffee is a very blank canvas that seems to complement what ever else that you have with it.

I am pretty excited to try it out as an espresso and latte over the next few days.

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