Depth Charge, not just for you nautical types.

One of the lovely things about coffee is that once you think you have tried most method of preperation or think you have at least made all of the variations with the combination of equipment you have. Anyway as going through the book "Coffee" by Kenneth Davids I stumbled across a section about different types of coffee drinks that you can prepare. This one inparticular caught my eyes, the Depth Charge...

/files/u13866/Depth_Charge.jpg" align="left" width="300" height="400" hspace="10" />This is quoted from the book:

"Depth Charge. This caffeine-underground invention drops a serving of espresso (tastes best made short, about 1 ounce) into a cup of regular drip coffee. Caffeine overload aside, this can be a very pleasant and complex drink, particularly when the coffee is freshly brewed. (Try a brightly floral coffee like an Ethopia Yirgacheffe)"

Basically, it's an Americano with brewed coffee instead of water. I thought it would be interesting to try it with the Bonsai Blend I had been pounding through the past two days. Since my experience had changed so dramatically with the espresso I couldnt help but brew another pot.

Sadly the pot still was not that good, so what better way to spice it up with a shot of espresso...

Needless to say it indeed made it a more complex coffee, however it was not my favorite. I got the hazelnut flavor of the shot, but the flatness of the drip really pulled it down and drowned out the excellent espresso.

However, that is not to say that I will not try this again again, but I think I will have to wait for something that does well as brewed and espresso. I actually think I would like to try this as a bright drip and deep dark espresso that will make a sort of mocha java blend.

Has anyone else tried this?

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