Deep Cello Wins "Best Oregon Coffee" Silver Medal

We are thrilled that the committee of experts at the Oregon Fair chose Deep Cello Black Tie™ and gave it the silver medal in two blind tastings! 

The committee tasted over 50 coffees and added Deep Cello to the finalist category in early August.  Then, on August 27th, in Salem Oregon, Deep Cello was awarded the Silver Medal.  Deep Cello co-founder Justin Kagan was there to accept the award.  

Justin said, "I was thrilled to have some recogition of my work over the past 20 years developing both a selection and roasting technique that was appreciated by the panel.  I also want to congratulate the other winners.  It's sometimes difficult in the coffee business because most people have never had a great cup of coffee.   That's not to say that they have not enjoyed the coffee they've had, but rather that the bar for commercial coffee is so low, it's just that the typical supermarket will leave the coffee there until it sells, sometimes months.

"So these kinds of contests are great because they focus attention on artisanal roasters, and how we are raising not only the quality bar, but also the quality of life bar for growers and workers."



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