Deep Cello - Nostromo

It seems like I might be a little late to the party with this particular blend from Deep Cello, but I wanted to give it fair shake.

I have rifled through my previous beans and starting yesterday returned to Nostromo and actually I think it has benefited from the wait. I got this the day before I got my order from Brown Coffee Co, the postal service decided to take their time with the Nostromo, probably liked the smell the box gave off in their truck!

My first impressions of this coffee to be honest were not that great, Nostromo is a dark roast and is in the similar vein of Velton's Twilight Blend. Just really deep rich flavors, think dark chocolate and deep stone fruits. However, when I first got it I didn't think it exhibited those properties, this was on the 23rd at that time I tasted mostly roast smokey with hints of chocolate.

But after letting it sit in an air tight container for a week, when I pulled it out the smokey flavor had greatly dimished from the coffee. I got a lot more of the chocolate flavor that this roast is suppose to be known for. Because of the deep notes of the coffee I have found it does really well with milk, both in the pour over that I made last night as well as my afternoon latte today/ This is not one of those coffees that get lost in milk so if you like to add it this is a blend for you.

Also, it should noted that there has been a lot of good words about this blend by a lot of people at, the current fourm thread has six pages and counting.

From those posts it seems like the coffee has a pretty wide range of brewing parameters, which must explain why I have been pulling good shots with even though my scale is broken and I am using an espresso machine with wide swings in temperature.

Let's not forget very reasonable price at only $10.75 for a 12 oz bag.

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