Deep Cello made my day

Deep cello made my day

I recently ordered my first bag of Deep Cello coffee.  I have read lots of good things on here and they have been active on, so I have wanted to order some for a long time.  I got the order yesterday.  I ordered their Bossa espresso blend, but had been torn and tempted to order Black Tie blend, but I usually like to order just one bag of coffee from a roaster the first time so that if I really do not like their coffee I have not wasted too much money.  I had always ordered several bags in the past because shipping made it silly to order just one bag, but Roaste prime has freed me up with free shipping, so I can now order coffee the way I would like – and I would argue the smarter (cheaper?) way.

There was still a little regret that I had to pick just one.  Deep Cello it turns out saved the day, though, as they greatly surprised me with a sample bag of the Black Tie roast included for free!  This sample bag was not a tiny 3 oz bag, but instead almost half a pound!  It is perfect because if I try to dial it in for espresso for the first time ever it might take 5-6 ounces and so I should be able to have enough to really see what it tastes like at its best before I run out.  This will allow me to know if I want to order it again or not.   What a great surprise.

On that note, do people have any recommendations for brew parameters for either the Bossa blend or the Black Tie blend as espresso?  I have only pulled one shot so far of Bossa and tried at random 18 grams and 200 degrees and the shot was good enough to assure me that I will almost certainly like this coffee quite a lot when I dial it in, but I did not see brew parameters on their website so I would love it if anyone had suggestions that helped me dial it in even faster!

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