DEEP CELLO COFFEE ROASTERS Nostromo - What I am drinking now

I never thought about this as a blog topic but thanks to another blogger here I see this can be a fun topic.  I finished my bag of Deep Cello Nostromo dark troasted regular coffee that I was fortunate enough to win in a contest on the ROASTe facebook page.  The bag says "Nostromo" means trusted friend in Italian. The wonderful aroma coming from the bag (the postal package even) announces that a special friend has arrived indeed. Roasted just three days before arrival and dressed in an unpretentious poly lined paper package, this friend comes ready for a nice visit.

I did try these beans ititially in espresso shots. The beans are dark with a bit of oil so perhaps more of a southern Italian style friend? I loosen the grind a bit from my last medium roast and let it rip. The pull at 200 F and 15g seems like a good place to start. I get a nice layer of crema and a dark chocolate/bakers chocolate taste in the long lingering finish but as the shot cools I get more of a milk chocolate middle joining the finish. Should I go for a lower temp? I find these beans do respond well for espresso at a lower temp but it is fun playing around with these beans. 


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I play around a bit looking for the steak and find a bit more bite finally at 203 F so maybe this is the chewy steak? I drop back to 200 since enjoy my chocolate bar even more. It is great as the base for an Americano, and the flavor is not so subtle that it is lost in milk - I not really surprised how nice the visit has been going though, after all should I expect any less from my "Trusted Friend"? 

The last of the beans are past prime for espresso but are far from stale.  I made a couple pots in my four cup Krups.  The Krups has a shower head that is separate from the lid that covers the water reservoir so I can stir the grounds and watch the bloom while brewing.  The brew basket is a cone shape and does have a lid similar to my Melitta r cup brewer but I leave it off.  This brewer gives a very similar cup compared to a manual pour over (not as common as you would think with an auto drip brewer) when the variables are attended to correctly.  This time the stars aligned and I thoroughly enjoyed the last 40 grams as coffee. The coffee is delightful starting with a smooth, gently acidic initial taste that hangs around through a very clean middle before giving way to the chocolate finish. The body is medium full and syrupy. Even after it cools the taste is rich and never bitter. The Deep Cello Nostromo gets a strong recommendation from me.

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