Deep Cello Coffee Roasters Black Tie™ Roast - in my cup

One coffee I have been eager to try since reading it won a medal in the Best of Oregon coffee tasting is Deep Cello’s Black Tie blend. This is what is in my cup so today is my lucky day!


The roaster describes the ingredients in this exotic blend in detail as being a rare açaia varietal prepared using a pulped natural method. Also included is Sumatra Mandheling is produced by the Medan mill in Northern Sumatra using the wet-hulling method. The beans are large, uniform and quite defect-free, which accounts for the syrupy body and sweet cup character with none of the famous Sumatra “funky earthiness.” This richness and low-acidity balances the Sunrise component perfectly. Lastly in the mix comes Terruño Nayarita, a natural dry-process coffee from a forward-searching growers’ cooperative in the shadow of Tepic, northwest of Guadalajara on the Mexican West Coast. It is a blend of Typica and Bourbon cultivars.


The roaster includes these tasting notes: With nuts, caramel, copious dark chocolate and the depth of a medium roast, Black Tie delivers smooth flavor without bitterness. It has great mouth feel, Brazil nut, /files/u2252/IMG_0479_700.jpg" align="right" height="242" width="250" />subtle tangerine, caramel, plums and apricots. The background is earthy, with top soil, steak, smoke, and Portobello mushroom. It’s medium to bright with moderate acidity. Sounds good to me.


These beans smell as good as any I can recall - they have that sweet caramel and nut dry aroma that really gets me excited. The taste as a regular coffee is very good. I get moderate acidity with a sweet finish, good body and clarity in a tightly knit and clean cup. As it cools the cup remains free from any bitterness what so ever. After cooling a citrus note (the subtle tangerine found in the roaster's description perhaps?) found in the initial taste rises to prominence even though the caramel sweetness is influential to the taste as a deeper layer.


As an espresso I get moderate crema (this is not a dark roast) as I find the dark chocolate sweetness in the finish as well as the caramel sweetness in the initial taste. I do not get any bite at 198 F and 15g - probably could go higher to 201 or 202 F to find the apricot in the shot. I still have about half a bag to experiment with so I will make an addendum if something changes. I do like the way the beans come out of the grinder with no real clumping to speak of even when ground a bit too fine at first. No oily beans in this bag of Black Tie.

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