Dark Roasts Reconsidered

Deep Cello's founders engaged in a lot of debate about whether to offer a dark roast. To modern coffee lovers, it seems that dark roasts are seen in a negative light.  In a dark roast - in our definition a roast done at 425-435℉ - changes the coffee a lot.  These temperatures burn many of the flavor components in the coffee bean and leave a carbon edge.   The fact that we kept coming back to is this:  in many coffee countries, in the middle east, in Africa, and in southern Europe, dark roasts, like in southern italy, are well respected.

So we created and tested a dark roast profile and a special kind of blend that included two different beans at different roast levels.  Just because a base roast is dark roasted doesn't mean that the entire blend has to be dark roasted.  We found that composing a roast with beans at two different roast levels resulted in a very interesting coffee.

What do you think about dark roasts? 

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