Danish Coffee Brewer Sets the Bar Sky-High

Just in time for the gift-giving season, there’s a new coffee brewer that every coffee lover would love to find under his tree. This one does it all while hiding its working parts under a cabinet, making it the most attractive coffee maker yet. Talk about convenience – you can start the Top Brewer from your iPhone and have your coffee ready by the time you make your way to the kitchen. Recently featured on Gizmag, the Top Brewer from Scanomat is recommended for offices or cafes, but it could be installed in home kitchens for anyone who has the bucks - or a good relationship with Santa. It is offered in two models with a list of options. Like picking out a car, one can start with a basic model and add on extras, or just choose the loaded model with the pricey sticker. This dream machine – the Pro model with all the bells and whistles – grinds the coffee and makes either filter or espresso coffee drinks in seconds. It also has the capability to steam and foam milk – with the world’s smallest milk frother - and add it to the drink automatically. As of yet, it doesn’t appear to create latte art, though it does create the latte and espresso with crema. Able to brew four cups of filter coffee per minute, make hot chocolate or dispense juice, the Top Brewer Pro is most appropriate for offices, coffee bars or cafes. A big selling point of the Top Brewer models is the fact that they can be shut off when not brewing. Since the whole process takes less than a minute or two to heat up and brew, the machine uses zero energy between cups. There’s no need to keep a pot warm, since fresh cups are brewed so quickly. Not only that, but the water starts out cold every time, which means there is more oxygen to bring about a better extraction. If you think it can’t get any better than this, think again, as this is a dream machine. Don’t like cleaning the machine? This Top Brewer cleans itself automatically once a day and flushes the milk lines after each use. For those who aren’t Apple users, by the way, there is a keypad, so the phone app is only an added convenience. Scanomat is a Danish manufacturer but it should be available in the US. Regardless, we can hope it’s only a matter of time before the cutting edge design offering convenience and attractiveness finds its way into less expensive models for the home.

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