Current bean: Los Lobos

I'm currently drinking Los Lobos, a Costa Rican bean that was roasted by Barismo, a small-batch roaster located in Arlington, MA. They distribute to a number of cafes in the Boston area, such as Simons and Hi-Rise, and you can buy their beans in a number of non-cafes. What's surprising is the number of Boston-area cafes that *don"t* offer Barismo, even as a guest espresso. While I appreciate the option of having some Stumptown or Intelligentsia or Ritual, it's weird not to have one of the best roasters in the country period not well-represented in its own backyard (so to speak).

Here are the tasting notes: "A very expressive and tropically fruited coffee. Nectarines, peach, plum, grape, cooked sugar and soft coconut. Orange citrus and peach aroma." 

I would probably rate this as a 92/100 coffee.

The aroma is there. Sugar and coconut and very complex fleshly fruits. But in the cup it's not that sweet and the finish is rather short. This has been my experience with Costa Rican coffees more generally: they smell great, they're clean, but they're not that exciting to drink.

This coffee runs $15 per 12 oz., which is in line with a number of coffees of similar coffees. I woudn't recommend this coffee but I'd recommend its roaster! 

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