Coughs, Colds, & Coffee

Have you ever had so nasty a cold that even coffee doesn't taste good?  Sad as it is for me to type those words, I think that is where I am right now.  My morning cup today is spiced with lemony hints from a Thera-Flu packet that promises relief from this crappiness that is my current state of existence. As bad as this tastes, it got me thinking that maybe this is a new direction Starbucks could head towards with their VIA instant coffee packs.  Bright and Lively for the Morning, Decaf for the evening, and Via-Flu for those aches, pains, and runny noses.  I am joking around with this concept, but I wonder when the world of over the counter medicine and coffee will collide.  

We have a Keurig B60 Special edition (available right here on ROASTe too) K Cup brewer.  This machine can blast hot water through a capsule filled with hot chocolate or apple cider powder to create a decent tasting cup similar to what a packet will give, but with more convenience.  Why not fill a capsule with Thera-Flu?  They could have sold a box to me at least.  What about more traditional methods of beating back those nasty little invaders living in my respiratory track? I am talking about bringing out the big guns - flu virus - say hello to my little friend chicken broth. 

Bullion or broth cubes are powdery - what would stop someone from putting this powder into a K cup?  Hot water is the only other ingredient which the brewer designed to provide with ease. Beef broth, chicken broth, onion soup flavored broth - the possibilities are endless. Maybe I should create my own line of these products - Doc Eric's K Cup Kold and Kough Relief medicine and Eric's Old World K Cup Kup of Soups.  Any time Keurig is ready to talk I am too - today would be good.  I was going to organize my tissue boxes between naps but I can clear some room on my calendar for them.

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