Cool new feature - Roaste Prime!

This is a blog post about a cool new feature on Roaste (or at least it is new to me, but I think it is new to Roaste, too) Roaste Prime.

Roaste prime is a great deal in my book.  If you want to explore a bunch of the new coffees on Roaste you are now in a better position to do so.  Roaste already has a great deal on shipping, but it usually requires ordering at least two bags of coffee.  If I do not know a vendor yet that makes me nervous since that is quite a bit of coffee to drink if you do not end up liking it.  On the other hand if it is a coffee you already know you love two bags is not bad a bad thing, but it probably is still more coffee than I can drink at its peak of flavor.  I do not mind this too much because freezing in mason jars or else in some other very air tight container will keep the coffee tasting great, but even so, I would much rather drink all my coffee freshly roasted.  I could only do this if I could get away with ordering only one pound at a time.  I can drink one pound in a week, which is usually keeping it fairly close to peak.  

Now I can try a given vendor’s best rated coffee without having to order two bags and not have to pay shipping.  

I think this should lead to quite a few more “what I am drinking now posts” featuring coffees on Roaste.  To me that is quite exciting.  I love trying new coffees.  

This feature pays for itself after less than four bags of coffee (but then again just over three bags so I suppose since you cannot place 3.1 orders it really pays for itself after exactly four bags).

By the way if you have not clicked on the link yet

you get free shipping on all orders for six months for just under $20.  The great thing is that it does not matter how little you order.  

Combine this with the 100% satisfaction guarantee and Roaste is offering quite a bit of value!

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