Not really insightful about coffee, but more in the vein of Steve's Boxes of Goodies post a while back.

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So picked up the American Weigh 2kg scale and got this espresso from Brown Coffee Co.

I have to commend Aaron at Brown Coffee Co though for getting that coffee to me. It seems that the box that he shipped out last Monday is somewhere out there in the land of lost boxes that are picked up by USPS, or perhaps Aaron forgot to leave a Christmas tip for the postman? In anycase I shot him a note on Sunday asking if perhaps I missed a cut off in my ordering or something and he promptly made it right by overnighting another package to me. Greatly appreciated, sadly I have yet to break into it because it was roasted Monday.

Now the scale, I am liking it thus far.

I saw that American Weigh scale on the coffeegeek Chistmas guide, and Mark Prince's recommendation for this scale seems pretty spot on thus dar.

The scale is replacing a cheap 100 gram scale I had, and I wanted something that I could weigh espresso and also use for measuring pour over brews.

This one fits the bill, it has 2kg limit, tenth of gram detail, 1 minute auto-shut off and can toggle between grams and ounces.

While obviously this is just initial impression of the grinder, it seems to work well with fairly quick reading, there is a little bit of lag but nothing too horrible. It was nice to use the Clever and not measure the water prior to heating, made it real easy can't wait to try with a cone as well.

Oh and a little update about the Flying Goat Coffee; since I got more coffee today I wasn't scared of wasting some trying to make a shot of espresso. I dosed at 19 grams and brought the Preciso down to it's zero *heard the burrs touching" and brough it back a notch. After that I was about to get a pretty gast 20 second shot. I took a quick sip and didn't like it obviously but just for that I didn't think it was worth trying to tune it in any further. So it's possible, but I think this blend is not espresso material.

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