Contrasting Vivace Dolce and Vita at a first glance

If you are considering an order of Vivace coffee for the first time, you may be pondering the question - Vita vs Dolce, which to order first?  Vivace makes some nice coffees.  They are quite enjoyable and I order Dolce fairly often.  I like it in a macchiato or a cappuccino quite a bit.  I had ordered Vita before and liked it, but I had not ordered it in a few years and decided to try it again.  I think both are worth ordering and trying, but I like Dolce better and I wanted to tease out why or if it was even true.  

Both are listed with fairly similar descriptions on the website in terms of roast and taste, but I think the key is probably in the phrase that vita is “Blended and roasted for the perfect caffe latte. Espresso Vita has been designed to feature a strong note of caramel when combined with milk products. Incredible body makes this blend ideal for drip coffee and plunger pot methods as well.”  The latte is where this coffee will shine.  It does have tons of body and and deep bass notes that will punch through a large quantity of milk.The Dolce is still going to be good in a latte, but will shine more so in a cappuccino or macchiato.  

My guess is that if you are picking between these two that should be the deciding factor – which one do you tend to drink more – large milk drinks or smaller ones.  The Dolce is also good as a straight shot.  Vita is not bad as a straight shot, but at least my shots today seemed to have a roastier taste (even though it does not look darker at a glance externally) that allows it to punch through larger quantities of milk than the Dolce can.  

In summary, these are both excellent coffees that shine in milk and are worthy of one of the pioneers of latte art.  Vita, as I said is one that I am still familiarizing myself with and one that I am still dialing in, so I am looking forward to seeing how it changes as my understanding of it changes.  They are listed as medium roast and probably are, but to my taste the shots taste as if they are on the darker side although this may be a result of the high temperature at which they are at their best. 

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