Comparisons on two great frothing pitchers in two very different price ranges

Comparisons on two great frothing pitchers in two very different price ranges

I have two very nice milk frothing pitchers.  My favorite size is the 12 oz size because I can froth for anything from a macchiato in it up through a latte or two cappuccini.  (I could probably almost get a latte and a cappuccino out of it, but I more or less never make a latte and I certainly cannot remember the last time I made a latte and a cappuccino at the same time other than when I was training).  

The pitcher I bought myself is the straight sided Rattleware pitcher that runs for about ten dollars.  My wife a few years back bought me the fancy and extremely expensive pitcher from Motta called the Europa as a gift.  It is a thing of beauty.  It is not straight sided – more of a bell shape although not exactly that either.  

The sides of this pitcher are prettier and it is a thicker gauge than most other pitchers, meaning that it does not feel the same on the outside when you get it to temp as the standard thickness pitchers do.  This is a minor advantage for those of us who do not do this professionally and whose hands are less tough and accustomed to the heat of a properly steamed pitcher.  

I have used both extensively and there is no question that I have a favorite.  Alas perhaps it is my bad taste or perhaps it is my pecuniary nature, but I have a fairly strong leaning towards the Rattleware.  I find they are close in terms of performance, but if one does have an edge it is the cheaper pitcher.  I do not think my latte art is much better with one than the other – they both have that key pointy spout, but again if it is better with one it is with the Rattleware.  The proof that I like it better is really contained in the fact that whenever I have to reach for a pitcher I always grab it instead of the Motta.  

There is nothing wrong with the Motta.  It is a great pitcher.  If I learned it was the only type of pitcher I ever got to use for the rest of my life I would not be upset, but equally if I was told I would only have the Rattleware forever after, I’d be at least as happy.  

So there is my conclusion – it is hard to tell a difference, but for a reason I cannot quite pin down I slightly prefer the Rattleware.  Given that it is a quarter the price that shows it is a great choice in my book!

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