Cold Weather Rumblings - Klatch Belle Espresso

Well it has finally happened here out in California, winter has come! I think for a lot of people our winter would characterized as nice mild weather, lows in the 40s and highs in 60s, but when you are use 80s and sunshine it sure does feel cold. =P

Since the weather has finally cooled off a bit over the past week or so I've found that I am going through my coffee at an alarming rate! To make matter worse, I am the only one drinking it at the moment since my wife is on a tea kick. I got two 12 oz bags from Klatch on Wednesday of last week and much to my dismay I have almost finished off the aforementioned Belle and am just slightly on the other side of the half way mark with the Ethiopian that I got along with it.

I guess I won't have to worry about anything going stale!

That being said I just wanted to take a short moment to talk about Belle Espresso, I know it has been talked about a lot in the past and for good reason it's pretty amazing blend. The roast is listed at medium dark, and the coffee is a nice chocolately sweet treat.

I've been pulling it at my customary 15 grams and pulling it at the lower side of my temp surfing on my Classic. I've got no idea the temp, just I only count to 5 when leaving the steam on as oppose to 7 I was for the previous espresso I was using. And it's been mainly in 1.5 oz range.

Great mouthfeel with the shots, but I haven't really enjoyed them as a striaght shot I found them too intense, but either with some water to make an americano or milk to make a latte the shots really open up and shine. This morning in my americano was really good with a very rich non bitter cup and sweet. It also cuts through milk really well.

My only complaint is I tried as a drip, and didn't really like it. It is made to be an espresso, but I do like the option if I am running late for work to just toss something in the auto drip while I get ready. However, being easy to pull and doing well in an Americano make up for it.

If you haven't tried it please do!

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