Cold-brewed coffee: How-to Guide

Because sometimes we don’t want our coffee hot. What follows is an easy way to make smooth, potent coffee concentrate. If you prefer cold coffee with the flavor profile (and increased acidity) of hot coffee, please see the “for further exploration” section. Needs: Two vessels, time, paper or cloth filter Coffee nerd options: Grinder, scale Recipe
  1. Brew time: 6-12 hours
  2. Temperature: room temperature
  3. Grind setting: coarse
  4. Ratio: 1:7 coffee to water
Size Coffee measurement Water measurement
1 L carafe 150 g 1000 g
1.75 Cups 34 oz
1. Add coffee grounds to the vessel of choice.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Step 1

2. Add room temperature water.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Step 2

3. Stir to fully saturate the grounds. Cover and steep for 6-12 hours on your kitchen counter.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Step 3

4. Separate the grounds from the coffee concentrate by straining once or twice through a standard coffee filter, a fine-mesh sieve, or a sieve lined with cheesecloth.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Step 4

5. Dilute to taste—we recommend starting with 2 parts water to 1 part concentrate—and enjoy!

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Step 5

For further exploration: For a very popular variation on the “cold coffee” theme, try brewing hot over ice. This method is often referred to as “Japanese-style” iced coffee. Simply use the brew ratio and basic technique from our pourover brewing guide. Take your total water measurement: use half as hot water in brewing and the other half as ice in the bottom vessel.

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