Coffee, that coy mistress


I've more or less been away from coffee from the past few months, and it's nice to bring it back into my daily ritual. My first cup was stale pre-ground Starbucks Blonde in a papered Aeropress. It was delicious. But so is everything to the hungry (thirsty?) man. Hunger is the most delicious sauce.

 Then, some pre-ground Intelligentsia (got a Lido still in the build-phase, looking forward to that). Still delicious and pine-apply five days post-grind. I remember, back in the geek days, lamenting the fact, sometimes, that something was five days post ROAST. Five days post  grind, probably 10 days post-roast, and it's delicious in my aeropress. Defined structure, delicious tart snap at the back, lightly syrupy. I remember again why I love this beverage.

It's often said that the best way to remember something is to take a nap. During sleep, your mind better consolidates information. I feel like something similar happened with my coffee break. I just appreciate the stuff so much more than I  did before, when I took it for granted, and maybe my taste buds somehow got more sensitive in the interm. As it happens, I took up cooking in the interim and I think that greatly increased my appreciation (in terms both of discernment and love) of flavor.

 Anyway, just thought I'd drop this dispatch. Happy brewing indeed. 

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