Coffee Story of the Season: This Inn Has Room AND Free Coffee Drinks for Christmas

In the true spirit of the season, a Tennessee barista has shared his expertise and specialty coffees with the homeless who spent the Christmas holiday at a Nashville shelter. Java Breeze, a coffee bar owned by a volunteer at the homeless shelter, provided free coffee drinks on Friday to those staying at the Room In the Inn.

The coffee drinks were a hit at the party, which also featured music, fun and laughter in an effort to uplift the spirits of the guests. The shelter’s name, Room In the Inn, undoubtedly was inspired by the Christmas story, when there wasn’t any room at any inn. It is supported and run by 170 or more local congregations who take turns with hosting.

Bringing a coffee bar into a shelter is surely a festive way to uplift the spirits of those who have nowhere else to go during the Christmas holiday. The article says hundreds were served, though websites indicate the usual number of guests is between 30 to 40.

This story exemplifies our times, during which coffee has become a universal comfort drink. During the holidays it becomes festive with all the sweet accouterments mixed in such as eggnog, hazelnut, mocha, candy cane etc. In twenty years, will we look back to these drinks with nostalgia? It's hard to imagine what coffee drinks will look like then.

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