Coffee Stand Review – Blue Bottle stand at the Ferry Terminal

It’s about time that I review probably the first place where I had really, really good coffee. I don’t want to say that this was my first “serious coffee experience” because there was nothing serious about it. Maybe I had a serious coffee experience at Blue Bottle in their café, but at the kiosk at the Ferry Terminal in San Francisco I had a very relaxed, unpretentious, and ultimately magical experience when I ordered a cup of coffee (I cannot remember what bland or single origin it was).

I ordered the coffee pretty much on a whim as there was a huge line at the stand and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I remember the barista glaring at me when I started ordering some ridiculous Starbucks style extra mocha frappe half-caf latte (or whatever) so I manned up, nixed that order and got a plain old cup of coffee. Since there was a swarm of people around the low table where the cream and sugar were, I thought I might as well drink it black.

The coffee far exceeded my expectation, possible it’s that I was sitting on a bench under the Bay bridge and overlooking the water, but it was one of those experiences where everything just sort of clicks into place.

After that first try this little stand became a regular stop for me on Saturday mornings. I would stroll down Columbus to the Transamerica Building, head down Washington to the Embarcadero, and head right to Blue Bottle. Then, with coffee cup in hand, I would make my rounds, sampling everything in sight and buying bread from Acme Breads, some goat cheese from Javier at Bodega& Yerba Santa Goat Cheese, and just loving life.

It is really not a far stretch for me to say that it’s because of Blue Bottle, and in particular this specific little outpost of Blue Bottle that good, if not great, coffee because a regular part of my life.

Thank you Blue Bottle!

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