Coffee snobs hit the main stream.

Coffee snobs hit the main stream.

I have recently seen a few videos satirizing coffee and baristas.  I have not decided yet if I like the videos or not, but I think the phenomenom of them even existing is interesting.  Here is the one from “Funny or die.”

one thing I find curious about it is the rude snobby attitude of the baristas.   Almost everyone I have come across in the coffee business has been amazingly cool and down to earth.  I have gotten to meet people who are essentially the rock stars of coffee – champion baristas, highly acclaimed roasters, etc.  I have never found any of them to be much different than teachers.  In fact I have found them to be at their core exactly that – teachers, eager to share what makes coffee so special to them.

The closest I have come to this bad attitude was when I asked about the blend a café was offering and they refused to tell me what it was, but to me that was not about looking down on me, but more about their unnecessary insecurity about if someone was going to steal their secret recipe.  They certainly were more than happy to serve me coffee and give me their full attention.  (I blogged about this experience here…)

on the other hand there must be baristas with attitudes out there like this or there would not be any hits on this video I would think.  Is this something one finds in big cities in the US with odd coffee cultures?  I have never seen it in the small towns, but perhaps that is because a shop with these attitudes in smaller cities would go under even faster than one with bad coffee (and those seem to go under fairly quickly already).   There just are not enough coffee snobs in my town who are willing to pay for coffee and insults at the same time.

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