Coffee snob or coffee friendly?

I consider myself more coffee friendly.

I was in a coffee shop recently with a friend and saw both examples (in the same place). The first was a couple of people who....shall we say had a “superior” attitude. They were mocking and trying to impress with their coffee expertise (and rolling their eyes at those who they thought were ordering something "wrong"). After they left customers still in the shop started mocking them in turn (doing really funny parodies of them). Two sets of people stood out. We have elections (as do quite a few places) coming soon. These sets were of opposite political views (based on T-shirts one group had on and buttons the others were wearing).Yet both sides could put aside their differences. Instead of a political debate or coffee snobbery the discussion turned to strange flavors added to coffee (such as the lavender white chocolate being offered. For the record I do not like lavender in coffee). People were smiling. People disagreed but it was a fun time. No one was made to feel bad. 

In this case the snobbery was the reason others had a good time but I have to wonder – why act snobby to begin with? If you do not like the coffee shop why go there then mock it and the people there? I know there are many groups (For example French Press VS Drip, Hot VS iced, Flavored VS “Regular”). Why not just accept that different people have different tastes? Why not have an open, honest discussion instead of put downs? I have no problem with debates but why not do it with respect? The people I saw at the coffee shop had little respect for anyone (and received none in return).

Coffee is universal. People all over the world can and do enjoy it.  What else is so flexible that it can be served at a board meeting, at any meal or even on a date? If people are open to a debate or discussion then go for it. Debates can be fun (and very often are as long as both sides are up for it).  But why go in with an attitude to begin with? With the economy the way it is some people cannot go out very often for coffee. It is a treat. Why diminish the experience for them (or yourself)?  Why ruin their time out?" /> 

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