Coffee Slows Down Purse Snatcher

Frappé Friday- Unusual Coffee News

Minneapolis news station KSTP ran a story about a purse snatcher who tried to grab a woman’s purse. She threw hot coffee in his face and he took off running. A delivery man who happened to be nearby quickly responded by chasing the man and grabbing what he thought was the woman’s purse. Turns out it was more than that: what he rescued turned out to be the purse snatcher’s own bag, complete with papers bearing his name. The police were able to find his home and arrest the snatcher. He was taken into custody on “possible” robbery charges.

The story doesn’t say whether or not the thief actually got the lady’s bag, and did not report on the damage done to his face. Regardless, we can take away several lessons from this story.

- To purse snatchers - don’t snatch the bag of a coffee cup-bearing woman.
- Self-defense instructors - remember to include a "Coffee as a Weapon" unit and instruct on the best coffee slinging techniques for subduing attackers.
- For all of us - at any time we could be given an opportunity to be a hero, like the deliveryman who saved the day by his quick response.

Most importantly, the story demonstrates yet another health-enhancing benefit of hot coffee.

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