Coffee Shop Review - Elemental Coffee Roasters

So far I’ve been in Oklahoma City for a little over three months and I’ve been able to find only two really top notch coffee shops. Everyone wants something different when they go to a café; some people want a place to work, some want to be able to curl up with a book to read, some just want a cup of joe that’s fast, cheap, hot, brown and caffeinated. On the other hand, some people want really good coffee, and that’s exactly what I want when I go to a café regardless of the reason and regardless of what I’m going to be doing there. I don’t care if I’m just going in to read for 15 minutes, I want the coffee/espresso to be great. So I guess maybe I am a little bit of a snob. Sue me.

It’s unfortunate but my two favorite places here are only about 5 minutes away from each other; whats unfortunate about that is that they’re both a half hour drive away for me! When I do make the trip (usually once a week) I tend to stop by Elemental coffee roasters because I can get a great espresso or pour over coffee and also grab a bag of their excellent freshly roasted beans. I’ll review their coffees later on, but for now I’d like to focus on the store itself.

The space is very Spartan, but also somehow very cozy. No fireplace or cushy couches like at my beloved Coffee Tree Roasters in Pittsburgh, but it still feels like a place where I could sit around and read a book. Something I’ve done a few times, actually.

I also like that they have a selection of interesting and sometimes hard to find coffee brewing accessories. I bought my Clever Coffee Dripper there after seeing it in action at Café Fixe in Boston. I also spent some time chatting with the head roaster there about finding a place in Oklahoma City where I could buy a high quality espresso machine. He didn’t try to push La Marzocco on me, even though they are a distributor and sell the $6,500 GS/3. He pulled me over to his computer and we looked at a couple machines online and he was very helpful.

Speaking of La Marzocco; they have a 3 group in the store and man do they make a mean shot of espresso! I’ll do a more thorough review of their drinks soon, promise.


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