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I'm fortunate enough to live in a city where the highest quality coffee is a short drive away. Portland roasters, San Francisco roasters, Los Angeles roasters...they're all here, and fresh.

I nonetheless like to order coffee online for the same reasons that I prefer Netflix to the brick-and-mortar operations. Choice and convenience.

Shipping prices, however, can make online shopping a bit more impractical. Do I want to pay $9 to have a single bag of coffee shipped? This is the question that Intelligentsia's shipping policy asks.

I thought it might be useful to assemble a list of excellent roasters that offer reasonable shipping rates. There are of course others outside this list, but these are roasters from whom I've personally ordered.

Verve Coffee Roasters out of Santa Cruz. They're currently offering free USPS Priority shipping on ANY order. Even a single bag of coffee.

Paradise Roasters. $3 flat-rate shipping.

Handsome Coffee. $4 USPS Priority on any order. 

Trystero Coffee. $4 shipping for one bag, discount on 2+ bags.

Feel free to add to the list! 

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