Coffee RX For the Snowbound

Jessica Webster of Ann Arbor’s online news has a problem that many of you share - forecasts of more snow. If the stormy weather is still threatening and there are concerns of potential power outages, Jessica has some advice, most of which she followed herself, in an article entitled “Hoard the Bananas and Grind Your Coffee – it’s the great Snowmageddon”.

Her first step, and first priority, being an obvious coffee-lover, was to make sure she would be able to have fresh ground coffee beans even if her power was cut off. She took the advice of a local “coffee guru” to pre-grind enough beans to last a few days. Then she bought a pourover coffee brewer so all she will need to brew her pre-ground beans is a match to light the gas stove. The coffee needs handled, she also thought to stock the fridge with milk, deli meats, a half pound of dark chocolate, and other less important items.

One of her readers made a very good comment in regard to pre-grinding the coffee. He pointed out the fact that because coffee keeps fresher longer in the bean state, the answer would be to buy a hand grinder rather than pre-grind. Now THAT’S a gourmet coffee lover who doesn’t want to let even a blizzard prevent him from enjoying the luxury of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Knowing much of her region faces blizzards and stormy weather, Jessica provides links to essential preparedness information. It’s not too soon to take stock of your emergency meal, heating and lighting supplies and procure whatever you can to keep your family comfortable in case of power outages of various lengths. No matter where you live, anyone facing a potential power outage will be helped by these links.

You might want to get a warm cup of brew while you go to the link to view the last updated NASA visual of the snow covering one third of the country -

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