Coffee Review: Paradise Roasters Brazil Yellow Bourbon

This coffee from Paradise Roasters is AWESOME.

It highlights exactly how gourmet coffee from a high quality coffee roaster from a single-origin farm differs from your corner Starbucks or supermarket Maxwell House.

Paradise coffee

When I poured boiling water over the ground coffee in my french press, the first thing I noticed was that the coffee started to foam up and rise over the edge of the carafe. It was like a freshly poured beer foaming up. That's a sign that the beans were VERY fresh because they hadn't fully degassed yet. And you'll never get that in a supermarket can of Maxwell House. I've probably been through 100 cans and 200 bags of Starbucks and Whole Foods Coffee, and it has never foamed up.

I called Paradise Roasters and confirmed that they had roasted the beans the day before they shipped it.

You also won't believe the taste of this coffee.

It is rich, aromatic, and so free of the grimy dirtiness I find in supermarket and Globo-brand coffee that it didn't require any sugar. I'm not saying that it was sweet, just that it wasn't bitter and over roasted. It had a rich foamy taste to it like cocoa. It's a totally different beverage than what passes for coffee at Dunkin Donuts or your local Chock Full O' Starbucks.

In my call to Paradise Roasters they confirmed that this is a light roast. That's terrific because you'll notice that light roasts bring out much more flavor in the coffee. Maxwell House, Starbucks and other Globo Roasters have to roast dark in order to even out the flavor between so many points of origin. It's the only way to make a coffee from Vietnam taste similar to one from Colombia, Kenya, and a million other points of origin, year after year.

But Paradise Roasters like other gourmet coffee roasters purchases from specific countries, regions and farms and roasts it to perfection.

Try this coffee and you can't go wrong!

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