Coffee Resolution Series: #1 Try a New Coffee Every Month

//" />     Last week, we wrote up a post on Coffee Resolutions for 2014 to help you enjoy your coffee more. At one post per resolution, this is Part 1 of 5, in helping you accomplish your goals.   We know, we know, you're dedicated to that one coffee you always buy, because unlike your cable company, it has never let you down. The same flavor profile has dragged you from bed and woken you up like only a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can do. But it's a new year and new years call for a shakeup in your routine.   First, you'll want to dissect what you like about your current coffee. The next time you drink that favorite coffee, take note of items like mouthfeel, sweetness, brightness (or perceived acidity), and aftertaste. Do you like how enveloping the coffee is in your mouth? Or do you like that it tastes like silky milk chocolate? Does it make you pucker up a little?   If you're unfamiliar with identifying coffee flavor components, don't fear! It takes time to learn and even the most seasoned professional is constantly adjusting their notes. Use the latest flavor wheel from Counter Culture Coffee to help you learn what you like.   Counter Culture Tasters Wheel   Other items you'll want to take into account include:  
  • Region/country of origin: Some coffees in certain regions are prone to a taste profile. For example, the Indonesian region produces hearty bodies with toasty chocolate nuances.
  • Varietal: Like wine, the varietal(s) in the coffee are
  • Type of brew method: Often, a coffee will be spectacular on multiple brew methods. But that fact doesn't help you if you use only a French press at home. If that's the case, then you'll want to find coffees that work best with a French press' immersive method without producing burnt notes that will overwhelm your tastebuds.
  After tackling what you like about your coffee, now's the fun part! You can:  
  1. Go to your local cafe and ask for advice from the barista. Make sure to let them know your current preferences and brew methods. A good barista should be able to suggest coffees based on your criteria.
  2. Browse our selection on the coffee page and filter your selection down as far as you'd like.
  3. Subscribe to our weekly emails where we pick our favorite coffees of the week. Think of us as your coffee guide. Weekly coffees will also be featured at the top of the coffee page and detailed posts will be released every week.
  4. Ask for recommendations from fellow coffee drinkers. But like beer, everyone likes their coffee differently so be sure that your friends' tastes are aligned with your own.

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