Coffee Profits Being Put Back Into the Community

Take a five minute coffee break and see for yourself what buying coffee can accomplish. We’re all partners in making part of the world a better place, just by enjoying great organic coffee. A recent video portrays the upgrading of a community in Peru; paid for from profits from their coffees. Dean’s Beans is one of the roasters featured at ROASTe. They are one of the coffee companies who represent a commitment to sustainability and the environment. According to the video, they are much more committed than just buying organic beans. They are also helping the farmers to improve and expand their coffee growing capacity; providing scholarships to students; supporting the cooperative; reforestation, and healthcare. There are many coffee companies working through the cooperatives to help improve the communities from which our coffee comes. These works are based on a concept called People-Centered Development (PCD). International aid for development focuses on what the people want, through projects that the people can continue on their own in the future. Enjoy the video about such development in a community in Peru at

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