Coffee Prices going down, so what!

Sometimes as a coffee drinker I can become a little... overly interested in market reports about the price of coffee. This is a self-interest motive because I like to get the most I can for as little as I can.

Today I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about how the Brazil coffee harvest that will be starting in May is bring the price of coffee down. Their harvest is the biggest coffee harvest of the year and a lot of Brazilian farmers that had been holding onto stock of coffee to keep the prices up are starting to dump the old stuff on the market.

This sounds all well and good for us coffee drinkers, yay prices going down! However, the article did have one little mention of something that really is a cold slap of reality, "the coveted high-grown and handpicked beans from Colombia and Central America aren't getting any cheaper."

So basically it's good news for those of you out there choking down Maxwell House coffee, but not for those of us that really want a good cup of coffee. And really while I do want prices to keep climbing higher, I am willing to pay that premium to get the good coffee, it's just the market that we see and hear isn't really the one we should be concerned about as coffee drinks that come to sites like this one.

In other words, for me as the consumer it really does me no good to look at the prices of coffee on market pages like the Wall Street Journal because they are never going to correlate to what I would like to drink. So I must sit and hope that the climate does not change enough to where all I get to drink is low grown coffeee, or worst 100% robusta!

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