Coffee on the Go - Hollywood Style

The paparazzi have been busy this week, following celebrities with coffee in their hands. Coffee in the hands of stars is HOT- not only in temperature, but as news. There are many “sightings” which frequently make the news in the world of coffee.

This week, however, the Huffington Post not only put on a slideshow of stars and their coffee, but produced a video as well. From the slide show, it cannot always be said that the coffee is hot, as some of the stars seem to like it cold, iced, and occasionally with whipped topping. It’s probably true that most of these stars work long hours with early morning shoots, so coffee would be a must on the way to the studio. Looks like some are on their way to other endeavors though, as two stars are walking dogs, and one is carrying a skateboard.

It’s interesting that virtually all of the cups appear to be take-out cups. None of the stars seem to be using a reusable travel mug, which is too bad, since they have the celebrity status to be role models for environmental issues. Though many of the cups are covered with sleeves, and thus unidentifiable, the majority – bearing an all-too-familiar green logo - do seem to give another meaning to the name “Star”-bucks. To see the photos, click on the image above.


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