Coffee Of The Week: Costa Rica Romelia

This week we have chosen a new frontrunner for our Coffee Of The Week, and that is the Costa Rican Romelia from Westbean Coffee Roasters in San Diego, California. This single origin coffee comes from the Palmichal and Santa Ana Mountains, with delicious tasting notes of milk chocolate, buttercream, and sweet pear. The region that it comes from is known for its unique acidity. The story goes that the pioneer coffee grower in the Palmichal region was Manuel Rojas Arias, and he had great success with his coffee farms. When he died, he left these farms to his only sister Romelia, who continued to cultivate exceptional coffee as her brother did, and this is how the Costa Rican Romelia got its name. This is a coffee that not only tastes incredible, but that you can feel good about drinking because you will be helping to support small family growers and high-quality coffee around the world.

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