Coffee Myths Revealed: Does Coffee Really Dehydrate You?

There are many well-known myths about coffee, but more often than not they are simply that: myths. We’ve done our research so that we can accurately inform you on which coffee myths are true and which are not. This week we are here to happily let you know that one of the most infamous coffee myths, that coffee dehydrates you, is false.

It has recently been studied and proven that coffee and other caffeinated beverages contribute to the body’s total daily water intake, which leads to more hydration similar to the hydrating effect of water. This finding is in direct opposition to the previous assumption that coffee dehydrates and has a diuretic effect on people.

The one caveat, though, is that you must be a regular coffee drinker in order to experience hydration from coffee and no diuretic effect. This is because if you drink coffee daily, your body builds up a tolerance to the caffeine. If someone who never drank coffee suddenly drank three cups in one day, then in that situation there would be a minor diuretic effect on them since their body is not used to the caffeine.

Luckily, here at Coffee Kind we are definitely regular coffee drinkers so we are enjoying the benefits of coffee contributing to our daily water intake! And we are happy to officially debunk this myth for the coffee community.

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