Coffee Mecca, Bear Pond Espresso

I apologize in advance if this is well known to others, but tonight while reading an article about the pursuits of Japanese artists, craftsmen, chefs, etc to perfect their craft I am across an interesting paragraph right at the beginning of the article that I think may have caused me to find my coffee Mecca, Bear Pond Espresso;

"Imagine going into an espresso bar, as I did in Tokoyo, ordering a single shot, and being told that it's not on offer. The counter at No. 8 Bear Pond may feature the shiniest, spiffiest, newest La Marzocco, as well as a Rube Goldberg-esque water filtration system, but the menu, which lists lattes and Americanos, makes no mention of espresso or cappuccino. "My boss won't let me make espressos," says the barista. "I need a year more, maybe two, before he's ready to let customers drink my shots un diluted by milk. And I'll need another whole year of practice after that if I want to be able to froth milk for cappuccino."

That is some very intense quality control that I do not think I have ever heard of, at least no where state side. While I am not sure of the need to be that intense I would really appreciate that sort of eye for the final product that reaches the lips of customers at more shops around here.

However, that is not all.

Tanka, the owner, at their first location will not serve espresso after 2 p.m.. He does so because the power grid at the location after that time will not allow for the machine to draw the voltage required to pull espresso shots at the optimal pressure.

That attention to detail even if perhaps I could never taste the different between the shot pulled at 10: A.M. or the one pulled at 4 P.M.. Is amazing that he would go to such an extreme to ensure the espresso he serves is what he would want too. Honestly, this brings out the inner hipster in me. So how much is a ticket to Tokoyo?" width="342" height="256" />


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