Coffee Mallow - the Latest Coffee Rush Substitute

Called a “Caffeine Edible”, the latest product to enable your hurried mornings is the “Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallow”. Hmmm, it takes more time to say it than to just fix your coffee. But it’s being marketed as a tasty way to get your caffeine fix when you don’t have time to brew a cup or pass through your favorite drive-through coffee shop. It’s also suggested as a quick pick-me-up when energy is lagging during the day. The coffee mallow comes in packages of three and are a hefty 28 grams per piece. The marshmallows are three different flavors, all made with real coffee or double espresso and cocoa: one each of mocha (200 mg caffeine), one java (280 mg caffeine) and one coffee (200 mg caffeine). The other ingredient besides kosher gelatin is sugar, 22 whopping grams in each marshmallow at a cost of 95 calories! (There are also a few chocolate bits in the Mocha flavor.) A normal cup of coffee delivers somewhere around 130 milligrams per eight ounces. With one of these mallows you’re getting about two cups of coffee plus a lot of sugar, just shy of six teaspoonfuls. That’s a lot of caffeine and sugar in a one-ounce bite. It should definitely have you climbing the walls before too long, but a really good use for these is doing high-intensity sports. For example, it's becoming common to pack a few of these type snacks into your pockets while competing in 10K, half-marathons and other weekend "fun runs". These mallows might just get you over that last hill. When not running a marathon, but only running late for work, grab a few of these mallows on your rush out of the house. But on less hectic mornings, with a little pre-planning, there should always be time to grab a coffee. There are so many options in coffee makers: coffee machines with timers that brew while you’re waking up, French presses which brew in under five minutes plus a minute to heat the water in an electric kettle, or virtually any brewer can be filled with coffee grounds and water the night before and turned on with a flick of a switch to brew while you get dressed. Then just pour it into a non-spill travel mug and you’re good to go. Mokka-flavored, coffee-flavored marshmallows - they sound delicious for a quick added pick me up in emergencies - but hopefully, they won't replace the afternoon coffee break and the peaceful break it allows from a hectic work pace.

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