Coffee Grounds Go Round Again

Just when you think you’ve figured out the last thing possible to do with recycled coffee grounds, someone comes up with a new idea. Indeed, Lauren Reed-Guy didn’t come up with just one idea, but a whole list, some of which look pretty darn helpful. Although a few are repeaters, she’s listed them all in one place, making her article one you might want to print out to hang on your fridge. If you run out of baking soda to deodorize your fridge, never fear, but grab an empty margarine tub or something similar and pour some used grounds in. Put this in the fridge to absorb odors. You can also scrub stain-resistant surfaces with grounds, or mix with hot water and touch up furniture scratches. Bet you didn’t think coffee could deodorize your mouth too, but sucking on a bean can refresh breath, and rubbing them between your hands can remove garlic and other odors. Question is: how then do you remove the coffee odor? Rubbing grounds on pets after their bath can help soften hair and even prevent fleas. That sure beats a smelly flea collar. If you have a garden, by all means spread coffee grounds all around plants and discourage ants, slugs and snails from loitering among them. The grounds even keep all but the most persistent - or coffee loving – cats from turning your nice garden into a privy. With fall coming, some mulching might be a good idea, and remember, coffee grounds do wonders as mulch and as a part of the compost. The worms will love it, as will the pH levels in the soil. If you still have grounds left over, you can always take them into the shower and use them for a face and body scrub. Just be careful not to leave any on white surfaces which might stain. Can you think of any other creative uses for coffee grounds that really work? We’d love to hear your ideas. Just write them in the comment section. And brew on, green.

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