Coffee Facts You Might Not Know

Do you know the world record for the most coffee consumed by one person in seven hours? If you read 10 Odd Facts about Coffee you’d be able to shout back with 82 cups, the correct answer. Not only that, but you’d know some other trivia facts about coffee and link to some old commercials for our favorite hot beverage. If you like Kermit the frog you might be interested to know that he started out making coffee commercials - for a company which made Wilkins Coffee. You can even watch a collection of these old commercials (at part 3 - just click on the image above). It’s obvious that Kermit’s talent was noticeable at an early age, though he sure doesn’t show his age.

Author Melissa Breyer also recalls two facts about coffee in WWII. There was a coffee drinking competition between the branches of the military, won by the Marines. Then there were the coffee bombs over Germany during the war, intended to turn the people against their government due to the product’s scarcity. Eleven countries rank higher than the US in terms of coffee consumption per person. Norway is number one. If you’d like to visit there to find out why, you can contact Café Away. This tourist agency arranges coffee vacations. You could also go to Brazil, where they once tried to make plastic from coffee. Maybe they wanted to sell it in bags that could go right in the pot with the coffee? Breyer took these facts from the book Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee. Since the book was written, the last fact has changed. Hawaii is no longer the only state in the US where coffee is grown, as a California farmer has begun producing it. He sells it at farmers' markets in California.

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